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How to Get Signed to a Record Label?

It's almost 2020. You have great music and want to score a record deal because you're tired of marketing your music alone. You know you have dedicated fans who buy your music, your merch, and tickets to your show.

However, have you always wondered how artists got through to major labels and ended up getting signed? In this guide, our team will teach you our foolproof method for scoring a record label deal and set you up with a list of tricks and tips to spot for on securing a good record deal.

The Fundamentals

Before you sign to any label, there are things you want to to get in touch with a record label. You want to scout your favorite artists on your level (i.e., Instagram Followers, Monthly Listeners on Spotify, etc) and see how their song is performing on specific their label.

Label and Their Needs

To increase your odds of getting signed, you need to be a convincing potential partner to the label. A record is a business. Labels have operating costs for distributing, marketing, design, etc and they need to make a return on their investment to cover those costs.

Everything after expenses is their profit.

With this in mind, they think about artists they want to sign - artists that help them make money ultimately. The factors that contribute to those are artists that have a good fanbase, social media followings, and dedication. The more you care about these three, the more likely you are to get signed.

 Website you can scout for Independent Record Labels


Major Record Label List

The Guide is currently under construction. Updates will be made periodically

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