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Why Enforce Media?


In the Spotify playlisting Pitching companies, we are one of the only few firms that build Spotify Playlists that are catered to genre of music (i.e., Pop, EDM, Reggaeton, etc) all done through social media ads. We spend over millions of dollars a year on paid influencers, SnapChat / Instagram, Taboola, and many more mediums to gain traffic.

We’re also one of the few firms to carefully comb through what playlists we pitch to. Most digital companies you hire are just simply emailing the curators on their newsletter in hopes that people will pick up your track.

We don’t take those chances, and instead build our own through legitimate ways.

How to Spot Fake Streams or Fake Followers? 
  1. Sign-Up for [Use Code: FREETRIAL7 for a 7-day Free Premium Trial) or
  2. Plug the Playlist Profile / Link into the website and look for three things:
  • An abnormal large growth in followers (In the example below, it grew 65,000 in 2-weeks). Our largest day of 2500 follower gain costed us $550 US Dollars, there's no way a nobody name (with no intentions of being a record label or anything) spent $14,000 within 2-weeks.
  • [ONLY IF YOUR SONG IS IN THE PLAYLIST] Listen to Stream Ratio Abnormally High or Low. Real engagement is around 10K Streams to 6,000 to 9,000 Listeners. It's about 120% - 190%. 

  • Look at where the TOP 5 Cities of the Listeners are coming from. If all 5 cities are from the United States (the MOST expensive place to run advertisement), and then that same playlist has 5,000 monthly listeners and it lands exactly majority on 5 cities (i.e., 1,000 Los Angeles, 1,000 Chicago, etc) then the playlist is FAKE
  • Spotify is now hunting down fake playlists by taking down playlists and emptying them like the following. Fake playlist curators are remaking their profiles with the same title or playlist names.



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     What if I don't want to pay for any sort of promotions?
    • You're always welcome to advertise to your friends and family through social media - Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Those will always be your core fanbase that you know are legit. However, the goal of our services it to push through to Spotify's Discover Weekly algorithm, where random people can discover your music through related artists.

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