Instagram Reel: Song Campaign Package
Instagram Reel: Song Campaign Package

Instagram Reel: Song Campaign Package

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We will get popular Instagram Accounts to use your music in their Reels until the desired reach is met.

How long does my order take?

Each order will be processed within 2 weeks unless it's over 5 million reach.

How many videos will there be for 1 million reach?
There'll be at least 1 page, but it may take as many Instagram pages to post until we hit at least 1 million total follower reach.

Does the song have to be in the Instagram Sounds?

Yes, we only accept music that is in the Instagram Sound section.

What kind of pages do you utilize?

We use pages that focus on adventure, travel pages, gym pages, influencers, and highly engaging content that generates thousands of shares (airplane).

Why is this the best source of marketing?
The reel posts are permanent and get views forever. Your ads on Facebook/Instagram don't stay permanent. You also get paid by Instagram because the music is properly licensed with the distributor.

What Guarantees are there?

Minimum views are included in the package you choose. It'll be the view collectively of all influencers that we sync to your Instagram Audio with captions of your handle & song name credits.